Imagine darkness. Then, see the light.

Walk Alone

by on Feb.25, 2010, under Interesting Words on Love, Poems

Walk alone, as often as you can.
Choose your company carefully.
A stray dog can become a pet, or a bite.
A stray cat finds you and moves in.

There is an infinite number of stars in the sky.
Yet it is just a number.
How will the knowledge of how many they are
change anything in your life?

A man, a woman, a child.
Impressions of a natural bond, yet every thing in nature falls apart.
Look at yourself in a mirror.
Convince yourself that you are not the one.

Which mind do you carry with you today?
A mind of a lover or a mother?
Why are you so afraid to talk to me?
When did I betray you? And how?

My steps are small, but go far.
My heart is inside my chest, thumping.
My mind is outside my head, angry.
My soul is floating in the air, hungry.

Which love are you giving today,
Which hand will you use to seed it?
I will look into your eyes again, soon enough,
and ask you “What the hell was that all about?”

Population residues are plaguing the way,
and you don’t see where you should step
because it all blends very well with you, maybe.
Once a loser always a loser. Walk alone.

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