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A message to my stupid girlfriend (or potentially at least half a dozen of them)

by on Jan.15, 2013, under Observations

I was going to let you be comfortable in your little belief that you have got yourself into the best thing since sliced bread. But I will not, because once upon the time I believed in you and I had seen potential in you. I have to tell you, because it is my duty as a sister, a bitch, whatever you want to call me: HOW CAN YOU BE SO STUPID AND FALL INTO THAT TRAP???

You have gambled away a reasonable relationship in order to be with someone who is not worth five minutes of your attention, your youth and your beauty. I am sorry for you because you will land on your arse really hard, when the whole town finds out that you, of all the good Christian girls, have entangled yourself with this evil man, who was probably very much sampling just about everyone around you, before he started preying on you.

And what are you hoping for? What is the outlook on this relationship and its little pathetic scheme?

Hiding from everyone you know, staying with him at home, chilling as he may call it because he works hard and plays not – hiding you from sight so his real life doesn’t find out?

Oh how stupid you are, little girlfriend, how pathetic in your little girl’s game, how obvious in your little lovers’ pains and sorrows on the days when you overpost Bible verses, convincing yourself that the loving heart knows no sin.

Let it be God’s plan for your life, or just your simple, plain naivety, but it is wrong, very wrong to be so blinded and smitten by someone who is just a smooth talker and nothing else. Look at your future after this relationship, when he dumps you as you become more clingy and insecure than ever before, and as he takes on your next in line from the fresh stock at his new farm.

I feel so sad for you, you know well who you are (this being a plural you) but I will not let you sink deeper into this without warning you. Let go before you start thinking stupid things, and plotting. Get out before it’s too late. Move on. Be strong, be brave. Be a woman you were born to be, born for someone only yours.

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