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Time to rethink the things we do #CancerUG

by on May.12, 2015, under #CancerUG

Continuing the #CancerUG conversation, time now for some stupid things women do that can cause cancer. Ranked in my personal order of preference.

1/9  Skin bleaching – causes skin cancer, mercury poisoning, liver damage, besides permanent skin and pigmentation damage.
2/9 Hair relaxer and other hair chemicals are linked to reproductive effects and birth defects, breast cancer, heart disease, cognitive disorders, premature puberty and altered immune function.
3/9 Smoking – even though I used to – will make you smell like an ashtray, wrinkle your skin and can give you lung and vast variety of other cancers.
4/9 Ill-fitting bras. Please, please, please – you’d rather have no bra then go around with wires and spikes poking into your flesh.
5/9 Tampons that are not changed/removed on time. Dioxin used in manufacture of tampons is linked to cancer.
6/9 Synthetic, nylon, polyester clothing, apart from being uncomfortable, can cause a variety of cancers besides allergies and other health problems.
7/9 Junk food leads to a variety of cancers, from breast cancer to all sorts of cancers of gastrointestinal tract.
8/9 Cheap lipstick and makeup is linked to breast cancer. Looks cheap and can kill you in a costly and painful way.
9/9 Cheap costume jewellery contains heavy metals that can cause a variety of cancers.

Bonus message: bannyabo, please use natural materials for clothing, leave your face and hair alone – you are beautiful ALIVE!

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