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Facebook Friend Insist – Turned Bad

by on Aug.21, 2015, under Observations

Here’s a conversation happening in my FB inbox today. …………………………………………………

Him: Hello good morning,just say ur twitter handle.. @NADA_ANDERSEN Then i decided to search u here also..b4 i prolong my text..LOL,am called xxxxx.nice to meet u miss Nada.

Me: Hello, nice to make your acquaintance.

Him: Lol,nice word u used there.seems ur good at reading books.. Anyway am here to be friends with u,chat ..have fun..socialize.nothing much..i mean more.

Me: Hi, I don’t have much time for Facebook and I am slowly reducing my friends so not accepting any new ones. Especially people I don’t know personally. Sorry!

Him: Or,but i thought facebook is for making friends too? Come on,accept me as ur last friend on the list And i dont know why u think i wont be a good friend.

Me: I prefer to first meet people face to face and make an informed decision on whether I want to be friends with them or not. So it will be a ‘no’.

Him: So where should i come and meet u?

Me: No, you should not come to meet me anywhere. If we meet by chance – good and well. I do not want to waste your time. I also don’t like when people insist to be my facebook friend because it is not normal in my view. Please don’t contact me. I am not comfortable with this.

Him: Ok.tho it hurts

Me: You’ll survive. Thanks!

Him: But wat do u white Ladies always think when a black insisting guy like me asks u to be a close friend?

Me: But why is it now becoming black and white? I do not want you as my friend whether you are black, brown, pink, blue, green, yellow or orange with purple spots. You are now only confirming what I think, which is that you must be having some purpose for insisting to be my ‘friend’. So please, let us leave it RIGHT HERE as I am truly not interested in finding friends via Facebook and Twitter. Please. Kindly.

Now that the polite conversation is over, my real message to this guy is: listen, you idiot. Which part of ‘NO’ did you misunderstand, was it the ‘N’ or the ‘O’? I was clear, direct, straightforward. I was not flirting, hinting, wasting time. I said ‘no’ several times. Isn’t that my choice, wait, no: isn’t that my RIGHT as a human being??? Male or female, purple, green, blue, white or black, don’t I have the right to choose who I associate with?

And what kind of brain did your mother put into your head that you have to attribute my rejection to the fact that I am not your skin colour? Stupid. Then you will go on to also say how all Muzungus are bad because they colonised you and all the rest of the nonsense that guys like you use to heal their pitiful little egos when a grown up woman of Caucasian roots denies you access to her Facebook page. Stupid just. You want to bring race and colour into conversations with me – you will be called stupid – many times – because that is the only descriptive word racism deserves.

Now, never contact me again or I’ll add your full name to this post, prim and proper.

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