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Being Blocked By @KCCAUG, @KCCAED and the rest of KCCA

by on Oct.29, 2015, under Observations

Many Tweeps complain of being blocked by @KCCAUG for no aparent reason, except for calling for their accountability and pushing for concrete action and answers. I can not name them all but I am one of them. In fact, not only that I’m blocked by @KCCAUG handle – I am also blocked by @KCCAED yet I used to interract with her very positively in the past. Incidentally, I’m blocked by Peter Kauju and a few other people at KCCA – people I never, ever interacted with on Twitter.

I have established that all those Twitter handles are managed by a guy called Josh. He’s a graphic designer who somehow managed to position himself as a social media guru at KCCA. I have no issues with him trying his best to secure his job, but he’s depriving KCCA of a very valuable pressure and feedback. Right now, all we see is clapping hands for Jenny and kissing KCCA’s you know what. But singing praises never built a city yet difference of opinion, determination, confrontation and pressure to find solutions can be a great source of focus and inspiration for everyone involved.

KCCA has a social media policy and indeed it states that “We strongly reject use of offensive language and such users will be blocked.”

But it doesn’t say that criticism, call for action, call for accountability, alerts to burning problems, alerts to vandalism and providing concrete and feasible solutions for our City equals to offensive language.

Unfortunately, @KCCAED is very well aware that Tweeps are being blocked purely for annoying Josh, who quickly runs out of arguments and excuses and is trigger-happy on the ‘block’ button. She falls into the usual leadership trap – focuses on looks and cosmetics while the City is falling to pieces – and – while concerned and passionate citizens are being excluded from online conversation with her.

I personally believe Jenny does not need to impress us with a new dress any more. I love her looks and confidence. I have zero problem with KCCA having a good photographer (Josh again) on the payroll, whose camera adores Jenny’s curves.

But seriously, people, look around our City and see that we need to do more than taking pictures in front of pretty backgrounds. There is a bigger mission ahead: teaching everyone in Kampala to love this City and care for it. Teaching about sanitation, garbage disposal, safe crossing of the street, clean pavements, care for green areas, care for elderly, blind, people with other disabilities, care for one another, after all. This is where KCCA has failed and continues to fail because their leadership does not listen to their people.

Excellent leaders are ready to be trashed by people any time. They are able to accept difference in opinion. Able to internalise their people’s anger and disappointment. Able to make the right promises and give the right answers. Most of all, excellent leaders are able to act on issues and get things done.

I love Kampala and it hurts me that its leader is closing her eyes. To put on mascara.


Here, below is the archive search of all my tweets to @KCCAUG. If you find abusive language, please let me know so I can correct myself.



@skaheru I did. Now, the ball is in their court. @KCCAUG @RosandPost



.@KCCAUG Did you issue any letters to property owners along Kanjokya Street regarding pavement repairs? @skaheru @RosandPost


@skaheru Thank you! A lot! @KCCAUG @RosandPost


@skaheru I was counting on you… @KCCAUGG@RosandPostt


@skaheru that’s a good one! No, seriously, have you got a letter? Share your copy please. I’ll pick tomorrow? @KCCAUG @RosandPost


Visit Portal: to find out services offered by @nwscug @UmemeLtd @URAuganda @KCCAUG @ugandainvest



@sekalogo this is the view from my office window. Flower pots, flowers and the works. @KCCAUG


@sekalogo I think I’m one of the few on Kanjokya Street with a tidy pavement but we did chemical soil stabilisation with gravel. @KCCAUG


@sekalogo I’ll have to wait and see. It is difficult to jut spring up and spend millions to fix public pavements based on rumours. @KCCAUG




@nemaug @KCCAED @KCCAUG @nwscug @NadaAndersen DONT SPEND A COIN ON KAVEERA ..




@UNRA_UG Identify safe spots for bodas and matatu loading, isolate everything else, implement and enforce @sebsronnie @KCCAUG


@UNRA_UG Please use the same concrete barriers MotaEngil and CCCC are using as road / safety dividers @sebsronnie @KCCAUG


@sebsronnie Yet people’s lives are at stake and those junctions should be secured now. I suggest concrete barriers @UNRA_UG @KCCAUG


@sebsronnie This is the problem: we let go of order in the beginning, then wait for years for something else to happen… @UNRA_UG @KCCAUG


@UNRA_UG My eyes on you! 🙂 But seriously, very dangerous and disorganised junctions, getting out of hand @KCCAUG @ED_UNRA @KampalaTraffic


@mugumya Naanti you are adding oil to fire… @UNRA_UG @KCCAUG


@UNRA_UG @KCCAUG good morning! Every single junction at is in total chaos! Help!!!


@DrDiana7 KCCA information is self-praise only, they have nothing of real public concern to tell us. @miss__rizzy @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@DrDiana7 yes, this has been the general practice of KCCA. Unless you sing praises. @miss__rizzy @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@miss__rizzy yes, I was blocked by just about everyone at KCCA. @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@miss__rizzy Thanks, so I’m not the only one asking. And – they might block you now. @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@McHater101 Maybe he’s given up or he’s been blocked too, just like everyone else who criticizes KCCA @KCCAED @AdrianMwiine @KCCAUG


.@KCCAED and the garbage left at Railways Park by your party yesterday, surely should have been cleaned last night. Shame on you @KCCAUG.


@mfranswa Good question. Maybe another KCCA innovation. @primagaba @JoshWama @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@mfranswa And yet she doesn’t talk to me… Just like all her entourage. I’m heartbroken! @KCCAED @mutenyo_p @KCCAUG


@mfranswa And that looks to be my shoe size! Imagine! @KCCAED @mutenyo_p @KCCAUG


@BabloNoor They are on their own agenda but it will all come out sooner than later @KCCAED @KCCAUG @TheRealLumpen


@BabloNoor Jennifer knows and has no time for criticism. I’m blocked by people I don’t even know at KCCA @KCCAED @KCCAUG @TheRealLumpen


@karugire You are very, very, very funny! @KCCAUG @WorldBank @KCCAED @DAlinange


@BabloNoor But of course – I was blocked long ago! @KCCAED @KCCAUG @TheRealLumpen


@BabloNoor They gave management of their handles to some childish graphic designer, he blocks everyone @KCCAED @KCCAUG @TheRealLumpen


@BabloNoor You really made my day with this tweet! @TheRealLumpen @KCCAED @KCCAUG


NWSC Bulenga, in community clean-up. @NWSCMD @nwscug @NadaAndersen @tufre80 @KCCAUG @lcmuha @MauriceMugisha@LKasande


@sebsronnie You are eviler than me. @KCCAUG @UmemeLtd


.@KCCAUG come pick your tweet.…


.@KCCAUG – listening to and engaging your citizens and critics. I’ve never been blocked in foreign language before.


Congs my tweeps @beewol @SongaStone @serugo @echwalu and @KCCAED @KCCAUG on your awards, well deserved


Now @KCCAUG is it time to start making pavements outside CBD?


@KCCAUG I believe! @KCCAED


Street bench in Kampala, nice, clean. Thank you @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@KCCAED @KCCAUG Entebbe Road direction to Zzana Roundabout. This can kill someone if it falls off.


@KalungiKabuye from roundabout at 6th, 7th and 8th Street to Clog Tower @KCCAUG @KCCAED


Old billboards going down on Press Road @KCCAUG @KCCAED thank you


Sit and Wait | Sidney Youngblood How appropriate for Clog Tower traffic @KCCAED Good morning! cc @KCCAUG


My Katwe pothole. Here we go again 😉 @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@Natabaalo @ishtank @mugumya @primagaba @aoyako @KCCAED @KCCAUG problems of the past fifty years are not solved in a day.


Hey @KCCAUG on 8th street,what was once a pothole is now a gaping crater. Causes a lot of jam, then the petrol trucks. Please help.


@SemweziSebag Thank you! I’m encouraged to write more. @MagoRamla14 @KCCAUG @KCCAED @sankyboi @samirasawlani


@SemweziSebag Most of us are blocked by KCCA twitter handler. They do not listen. @MagoRamla14 @KCCAUG @KCCAED @sankyboi @samirasawlani


@SemweziSebag Form a coalition that demands accountability and delivers initiatives. @MagoRamla14 @KCCAUG @KCCAED @sankyboi @samirasawlani


@SemweziSebag Maybe there is a posh city underground, beneath the tins…? I wish… @MagoRamla14 @KCCAUG @sankyboi @samirasawlani @KCCAED


@SemweziSebag Plus we have that useless prison sitting on PRIMEST land in the city. @sankyboi @MagoRamla14 @samirasawlani @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic Ughhh are you sure you want to do this, with me? I’m game. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic It was too much effort to respond to my initiative. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic Hahahaha in the opposite direction! Charity thanks for the great chat! Been a pleasure! @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic And that Nakivubo Bridge? I offered to fundraise free of charge. I even purchased the first brick. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@oyochris This is why we must reclaim our city. @MagoRamla14 @ssojo81 @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic And tell Jenny to plant mangos and oranges on our streets, for poor and hungry people. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic No worry, for as long as you sing praise, you are ok 🙂 @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@MagoRamla14 Planting fruit trees along streets like mango and orange for poor people… @oyochris @ssojo81 @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic See, the guy who handles Jenny’s twitter has blocked most of us so unless you talk to her personally.. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@MagoRamla14 What can I tell you. 23 years of potholes, no pavements, no drainage, worsening traffic… What is there to celebrate? @KCCAUG


@sankyboi Temporary accommodation? We’re not resettling all at once. Start small. @MagoRamla14 @samirasawlani @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic They are all paid to do that job. And to deliver to us. I demand accountability with full right. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@NadaAndersen Been following this and well there leaves alot to be desired esp planning wise @sankyboi @samirasawlani @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@NadaAndersen let’s count e green spaces in the inner City. City of Slabs & Concrete we have @ckamusic @ssojo81 @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic Please, admit even you are struggling to name their achievements. Like Usafi Market. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic It is not a self-healing problem. You and I should plant flowers, KCCA should deal with real issues. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@oyochris AAAAND – don’t get me started on the billboards!!! @ckamusic @ssojo81 @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@oyochris Absolutely correct. So where is decisive action? Who is protecting them? @ckamusic @ssojo81 @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@NadaAndersen develops on Centenary green space shd never have happened. @ckamusic @ssojo81 @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic Try twice a day and . Commuters are losing productive years of life in traffic. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@sankyboi Hey? Start with resettling ten families, build a block of twenty flats, accommodate twenty. Repeat @samirasawlani @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic Who is covering up for Centenary Park till today, I would ask? Why is it not razed to ground? @ssojo81 @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic I refuse to advocate for praising these little improvements. They use our money. I want value for it. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic What we didn’t do 20 years ago bites us in the backside today. Roads, roads, roads. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@sankyboi Mobilise sponsors, people, labour, build appropriate low-cost housing, improve sanitation & roads @samirasawlani @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic I don’t expect miracles but you will understand my frustration very well very soon. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic I can carry on but these are key ignored unanswered proposal ideas free of charge @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic Electric Tramway Kampala Road to Wandegeya, Tarmac Road over railway from Port Bell through town @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic Remind them of Nakivubo Bridge for taxis to Taxi Park, Nsambya Bridge over Railway Goodshed… @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic Thanks, let us know what transpires. At least I can hope you will do it sooner than in four years 🙂 @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@stevoppl No, it isn’t. @tomddumba @ckamusic @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@NadaAndersen @ckamusic @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG My mark sheet has 3 items: Public transport, drainage and plans for buildings.


@ckamusic Ahem. I think I might be just too dense to follow this conversation. Even though I’m not a 3-year old. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic No, I proposed enough to KCCA over the years to know for a fact they do not listen to any reason. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic Ask them. They will tell you they are working on it, it’s in the plans. For years on end. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic Imagine if you always and only see unrealised pompous potential and no real action to appreciate? @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic I live in this city for 23 years now. I am not going to clap in my hands in front of a few trash bins. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic How much is Airtel spending on Carnival and how many low-cost houses can that money build? @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic Do you ever travel through Kamwokya? Where ordinary unfortunate people live? Come with me one day. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic only thing i see is that fountain that they are now being sued for 1.5bn @NadaAndersen @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic Do we now have to be grateful for them doing their job? Hmmmm…. We’ve let our city go to rats. @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic Sure, a couple of street parties and flower pots and advertising trash bins. What have I missed? @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@ckamusic It has been four years since flyovers at were promised. You prefer slow steps? @tomddumba @KCCAED @KCCAUG


.@KCCAED I don’t care about the awards @KCCAUG wins, for as long as we have slums like Kamwokya in the heart of Kampala. They are people too


.@KCCAUG accountability for shoddy work. We want all the letters.


@andsjeff That is funny! @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic


.@KCCAUG New, pretty, not working. Wandegeya. @KampalaTraffic


@sourced It’s midnight and Dingiro’s have shut down that horrid music they were blaring. They need a new playlist. @JosephOwino @KCCAUG


@JosephOwino God help you. @KCCAUG


@Sherrytums Well done for @KCCAUG now remaining @tomddumba @UNRA_UG


@pctechmagazine Great idea! @KCCAUG @mtnug @josh_twin



@KCCAED @KCCAUG @NadaAndersen Y is KCCA failing to clear Lumumba Av, 5 years of nuisance that are a PITA. Just losses


@KCCAUG @KCCAED @NadaAndersen Why do u ignore Lumumba av? Illegal street parking, noise, car vendors r a nuisance!


@Nandish_ Correct!!!!! But, money seems to make ways… @KCCAUG @KCCAED @KagutaMuseveni


@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED @KagutaMuseveni 5 years of noise and nuisance, car vendors & idlers on Lumumba Av.


@KCCAUG @nemaug @nemaugED @KCCAED @NadaAndersen we go brothers no polyethene in the city we want a clean city


@nemaug @KCCAUG @nemaugED @KCCAED @NadaAndersen we shall give no room for any mistake of allowing KAVEERA. LETS ARISE AND WIN THIS WAR


@nemaug @KCCAUG @nemaugED @KCCAED @NadaAndersen we are stronger than our enemies who are manufacturing KAVEERA in the country


.@KCCAUG and you know what follows when you make a promise you don’t fulfill? Good. @DeoNyanzi @KCCAED @nemaug @nemaugED @Ougasam


.@KCCAUG you know I’ll be there to monitor these sanitation teams, photos inclusive? @DeoNyanzi @KCCAED @nemaug @nemaugED @Ougasam


@nemaug If party money was used to improve one slum at a time… And educate slum dwellers @DeoNyanzi @KCCAUG @KCCAED @nemaugED @Ougasam


@DeoNyanzi celebrate lack of environmental consciousness – if at least we used bash to educate @KCCAUG @KCCAED @nemaug @nemaugED @Ougasam


@nemaug we need 100% commitment @KCCAUG @nemaugED @KCCAED @Ougasam


@SmartKampala Promises empty; priorities – wrong; deadlines – missed. @14th_captain @sekalogo @KCCAUG


Entrance to Acacia Mall completely messed up from Sturrock Road at Gapco. @KCCAUG we need a one-way street solution here @KampalaTraffic


@NadaAndersen @ugandaupf @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic another place opp. SureHouse


Centenary Park taxi stop has to be put in order; taxis block three out of four lanes! @ugandaupf @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic


@KampalaTraffic Poem by Lorca: Katwe how I love you Katwe, Katwe wind, Katwe branches, a ship on the sea, a horse in the mountain. @KCCAUG


Clog Tower – as usual – clogged. When are we building ? @KampalaTraffic @KCCAED @KCCAUG @ugandaupf


Hello Katwe, que te quiero Katwe, Katwe viento, Katwe ramas, un barco sobre la mar y el caballo en la montaña… @KCCAUG


@NadaAndersen the facility is not yet compliant and thus remains closed. @KCCAED


@KCCAUG What was the verdict? @KCCAED


@KCCAUG the humps are unnecessarily high. Reduce the size to acceptable standards. @KampalaTraffic @KCCAED


This drive-in cinema idea for Queen’s Way looks to be a viable one. @KampalaTraffic @KCCAUG @KCCAED


Here comes Katwe. Here comes humps for tanks. Here comes traffic jam. @KampalaTraffic @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@KCCAUG nominated for ‘Civil Service’ & ‘Best Crisis Management’ Thank you for choosing us. Vote here: @KCCAED


UN, New York: @KCCAED shared Kampala’s achievements & the initiatives being undertaken by KCCA to transform the City.




@sourced each speed limit has its humps design… @wirejames @jmakumbi @Jadwong @KCCAUG @KCCAED @samagona @niyimic @skaheru @PeterKaujju


@wirejames @jmakumbi Can they now please innovate smaller humps? @Jadwong @KCCAUG @KCCAED @sourced @samagona @niyimic @skaheru @PeterKaujju



@tmsruge just about hundred meters up the road @KCCAUG @hivecolab


I wonder if it is now accepted as normal business practice that providers dig up the pavement and leave this @KCCAUG


Is telling @KCCAUG and @KCCAED about wetland encroachments a waste of time and energy? Kongo Valley, repeatedly mentioned, yet no action!


And by the way, we want our Centenary Park back. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


Good morning Katwe! Here we are again, creeping towards in a queue starting at Namasuba. @KCCAUG @KCCAED reduce size of humps!


Good morning Katwe. I can see you from Najjanankumbi. Today the traffic flows, maybe @KCCAUG had reduced the size of ? I hope.


@JoshWama I want removed @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@othieno12 Big up! Love for our City starts with you, with me, with every citizen. @KCCAUG @KCCAED @PeterKaujju @Ougasam


We should all Learn from this illustration#WeNeedaCleanCity @KCCAUG @KCCAED, @PeterKaujju @NadaAndersen @Ougasam


@JoshWama I’m not complaining, I’m demanding @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@sebsronnie Funny you say that. I thought market was reserved for Northern Bypass Highway. @DAlinangeUNRA @RugyendoQuotes @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@RugyendoQuotes I pray that @KCCAUG puts enough wardens along the tracks to sensitize, not manhandle, people in danger @sebsronnie @KCCAED


But since @KCCAUG has a ‘plan’ to build flyovers, nothing needs to be done NOW to help the traffic flow? @KCCAED


The ridiculousness of traffic officers regulating traffic from the shade of Clog Tower. @ugandaupf @KCCAUG @KCCAED


200m to Clog Tower, takes more than ten minutes. So 350 meters takes 15 minutes to drive. That would be 1.4km per hour. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


Now conquering the second set of @KCCAUG @KCCAED takes over five minutes for a 150m distance. Now, to Clog Tower!


First set of conquered. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


Kibuye Roundabout. silently working on messing up traffic for yet another day. @KCCAUG @KCCAED remove these military humps


Driving Schools perhaps don’t belong to busy roads during rush hour. @KCCAUG any regulations on this?



@KCCAUG what’s the plan now? When are we boarding? @OkelloAliker @KCCAED @newvisionwire


@KCCAUG I won’t mention today if you tell me what in the world is going on with this monument.


@KalungiKabuye It’s a quest to convince @KCCAUG to reduce the size of


Katwe, how I love you Katwe, clogged road and , drivers jumping at one another and a traffic delay into town. @KCCAUG


Good morning Katwe. I can see you from Najjanankumbi, a gray misty street with , holding us all at ransom in @KCCAUG


@BoazShani Insane. I’ll share my maps with you @kabalegau @KampalaTraffic @KCCAUG


@NadaAndersen @BoazShani @KampalaTraffic @KCCAUG building up steadily on Jinja Road. Not yet too bad though.


@BoazShani back to life, back to reality…. @KampalaTraffic @KCCAUG


Katwe hello! @KCCAUG one day or rather one night I will come and chisel down


The screens are gone from Clog Tower and the leftover sticker… Just needs to be wiped off with petrol @KCCAUG


Now. Hello . What’s up? Missed me? @KCCAUG


managing security of the area involves planning, including parking spaces so @KCCAUG must be involved


@jonah_3000 Too bad, some people simply aren’t mature enough for managing corporate social media @KCCAUG @JoshWama @tomddumba @ssojo81


@tomddumba But I sensed even earlier that the handler is a short fuse, unable to handle. Should take notes from Fisher. @jonah_3000 @KCCAUG


@ssojo81 It is a laughing matter. Anyway… People make their own choices. @KCCAED @KCCAUG @jonah_3000


@KCCAED your presence on social media and the maturity of person behind @KCCAUG handle is important. Blocking is sad. @jonah_3000 @ssojo81


@ssojo81 I wonder if @KCCAED is aware of this. Jenny I doubt you approve that @KCCAUG blocks tweeps who ask difficult questions. @jonah_3000


@jonah_3000 Not sure they can afford to block me 🙂 @KCCAUG


@KCCAUG Calm down who? What kind of statement is this? Unserious just!


@nwscug Please ask about … Tell @KCCAED you are asking for a friend! @Snottyganda @KCCAUG @Jadwong


PHOTOS@NWSCMD discussing service delivery plans for Kampala with @KCCAED @Snottyganda @NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @Jadwong


@Mutasamste: This accident happened at Bukoto at 5:30 pm. @KampalaTraffic @UNRA_UG @KCCAUG @BrianBilalK1


@JosephBurite Sheep shall be sheared twice a year. @spartakussug @KCCAUG


@KCCAUG Sankyu priz! Anything about in there 🙂 ? @JosephBurite @PeterKaujju @KCCAED


@KCCAUG Download link? Can you share on e-mail? @JosephBurite @PeterKaujju @KCCAED


Hello ! Yep, carry on, mess up @KampalaTraffic completely. It’s 7.30am and the queue only starts at Najjanankumbi… @KCCAUG



@spaulhenry @Samwyri @ugandaupf @KCCAUG According 2 the Traffic & Road Safety Act,section 123 (5) provides 4 cars that have the right of way


@MugeMaxie Accidentally on purpose and also. @niyimic @JoshWama @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@niyimic Thou shall be thumped. @JoshWama @KCCAUG @KCCAED


Oh, me again, @KCCAUG , how about really, this time seriously, removing ?


And how’s this exclusive deal for outdoor advertising along Entebbe Road working out for you, @KCCAUG ?


Mutundwe Road. @KCCAUG to clear soil and rocks priz. Don’t pretend it’s not your job. Otherwise good work. @KampalaTraffic



Katwe, how I love you, Katwe. You with these useless Murder spots around Kampala City. @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic


.@KCCAUG Then, of course, this road completely impassable, vendors banging on car windows, getting a lil aggressive..


.@KCCAUG it’s been only 23 years that I’ve been driving on Yusuf Lule Road and today!!! Today of all days! Preparation for road markings!!!!


@jamesmaiteki That’s a good idea, keep everyone in check. Ebb Road is a major traffic artery. @nwscug @NWSCMD @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG Good morning – where are our flyovers, promised with zest four years ago? Traffic bottleneck with no solutions coming.


.@KCCAUG And we will continue crawling over – the epitome of laziness to resolve traffic problems in our city.


.@KCCAUG Is this monument now waiting for Pope or for Jesus?


.@KCCAUG Good morning – misplaced, way too high – now you’re getting potholes to help you better torture Kampala commuters.


@Broonland Call Case Clinic, The Surgery – they won’t shuttle you around with payments and may be more cost-efficient @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@WyclefRushaju Ah! Service ducts! In my 23 years in Kampala… Seen a lot of digging! Totally for it! @KCCAUG @skaheru @KCCAED @AndrewMwenda


@uginvestigator Then again, who will I bash if he takes away all my road humps and potholes? @KCCAUG @KCCAED @EriasLukwagoo


@uginvestigator Would be fun to see. I believe in value brought by different backgrounds and agendas @KCCAUG @KCCAED @EriasLukwagoo


@WyclefRushaju Underground roads… Like a metro, perhaps… With shops and spaces to rent. @KCCAUG @skaheru @KCCAED @AndrewMwenda


@sekalogo I am almost 100% sure they are allowed to use any available lane, including against the traffic. @KCCAUG @ugandaupf @UNRA_UG


@sekalogo Ambulances have right of way, provided their rotation lights and sirens are on. Save life, give way! @KCCAUG @ugandaupf @UNRA_UG


.@KCCAUG Public health hazard: stray dogs on Kanjokya Street.


@KCCAUG This one specially for you.…


.@KCCAUG Good morning, torturers of Kampala commuters, from Happy week of traffic jams ahead!


.@KCCAUG Hello tiny red cutest convertible Toyota, suffering to climb over – I feel your pain.




@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG lol @ Calcutta. Actually I would also recommend Tokyo and Taipei


@sekalogo Let them choose a nice abroad to copy from. I have no problem with parks of Paris and Moscow. Why copy Calcutta? @KCCAUG


@cyrylkojo The account is run by some childish man who thinks he’s doing KCCA some service. Self-praise and praise only. @KCCAUG


@MilcahTessie You will sooooooo be blocked… @KCCAUG


@NadaAndersen well they seem to be content with investing in pots and driving past/ignoring the beggars next to the pots @KCCAUG


@cyrylkojo Of course not – their best solution was to block me. Why reply to genuine concerns, after all? @KCCAUG


@MilcahTessie What a good idea! You should be made a Minister of Innovation!!! @KCCAUG


@PearlUganda These ladies and babies are on our streets for several years now. Looks like organized begging slavery. @KCCAUG


@NadaAndersen I think that park should never have been touched. It was a lovely looking natural green space. @sekalogo @KCCAUG


@PearlUganda I don’t know. But they are a permanent feature. And nobody has a clear plan to take them off the streets. @KCCAUG


@sekalogo Park taken on understanding to improve it for citizens’ use and sports, leisure… look at it now. Ugly in the city centre @KCCAUG


@sekalogo Yes. In the background, ‘temporary’ permanent structure of mrs Kizito in what once was Centenary Park, now Kafundaville. @KCCAUG


@djbushbaby Beggars are a permanent feature in Kampala City for the past many years. And these days, everywhere. @KCCAUG


@rogerruta Since they already have shops… @KCCAUG


@Kajoba_Jnr So let me rephrase it: ordinary citizens scavenging for survival are arrested, while others pitch up tents @KCCAFC @KCCAUG


@Kajoba_Jnr So sponsors of @KCCAFC are allowed to sell goods on the streets, while other citizens are arrested for the same? @KCCAUG


@bkyeyune With Pope on his way, perhaps we just dress beggars as angels and wait for that plan for another four years @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@bkyeyune I’m sure in the past four years she had seen beggars on city streets. So would be splendid to hear what’s cooking @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@djbushbaby And returned when @POTUS is past the . Now, seriously? Any plan to take beggars off Kampala Streets? @KCCAUG


@bkyeyune We need to hear a plan with humane treatment. @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG What’s your good plan for all the beggars on the streets?


@supadupaflyt And put @ugandaupf to check for drunk driving at night. Why should working class suffer acts of fools? @KCCAUG @KalungiKabuye


@supadupaflyt Then let them put smaller humps, bumps, cushions – not tank size @KCCAUG @KalungiKabuye


@Kajoba_Jnr What I found funny was “The official sponsor of KCCA FC” and KCCA claims street vending is illegal @GOtvUganda @KCCAUG


@WasikeAbdu He >>> @KalungiKabuye doesn’t know how to let go if someone doesn’t buy into his arguments. @KCCAUG


@KalungiKabuye You? Evidently. @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG good morning made for tanks! Paralysing traffic through Katwe, key city artery. Now we can crawl into the city…


@KalungiKabuye Thank you because you seemed obsessed with only antagonizing me with no focused reasoning or valid arguments @KCCAUG


@KalungiKabuye Basic reading on our topic OR how organized cities do speed humps. cc @KCCAUG


@KalungiKabuye We are in the third millennium as it happens. Jam in Katwe starts by 5.30. Time to remove @KCCAUG @ugandaupf


@KalungiKabuye Plus – I’d love to see you driving 80kmph in Katwe. You could do it in the early nineties but – move on. @KCCAUG @ugandaupf


@KalungiKabuye So it took you a lil while to agree but thank you for finally seeing the light. must go. @KCCAUG @ugandaupf


@KalungiKabuye And I told you long ago that >>> @KCCAUG should spend their time and our money meaningfully, educating people @ugandaupf


@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG poor planning. Theyr using traffic control techniques in wrong places. Where they shd speed up traffic, theyre slowing


@josh_twin quite correct, more people, more cars, narrower roads. Archaic approach to planning. Or zero planning. @KCCAUG


@KalungiKabuye What can you do to help, was the question. And no, we don’t need those humps on a 20kmph street. @KCCAUG @ugandaupf


@KalungiKabuye I don’t need smart instructions from you, I’m not your wife or house girl. What can you do to help? @KCCAUG @ugandaupf


@KalungiKabuye Removing humps from critical city arteries will ease the flow of traffic. It is a start. Lines on the streets!!! @KCCAUG


@KalungiKabuye It is because we thrive on such low self-esteem that we never progress as Ugandans. Some positive thoughts, please! @KCCAUG


@KalungiKabuye We can not, in third millennium, have city full of careless, reckless pedestrians and drivers and no lines on streets @KCCAUG


@KalungiKabuye It’s time @KCCAUG spends time meaningfully, working together with @ugandaupf on instilling discipline. Painting lanes, zebras


@KalungiKabuye We can not be putting multiple humps on already slow roads. This is not a hump-city. Zebra crossings, discipline. @KCCAUG


@MAGEZIKIRIINJJU drunk driving is illegal. Why should working class suffer? Arrest drunk drivers and let people work at night. @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG Parking of vehicles at WHO taking half of Prince Charles Drive is illegal and risk. Bend and school. Act on it. @ugandaupf


.@KCCAUG the monument of KCCA brutality towards Katwe commuters. Damaging vehicles, causing accidents, slowing down everyone.


.@KCCAUG Washing of the barrier at dual carriage way Ebb Road taking several days now, slowing down traffic. This should be done at night.


@NadaAndersen this ain’t fair @KCCAUG


@thekerororist @KCCAUGG


@thekerororist Can we block the b*tch again and again and again??? Priz priz priz! @KCCAUG


@NadaAndersen well to them, they call it business! @KCCAUGG


@Broonland I call it ‘wrong’ @KCCAUG


@Owishemwe Tragic. @KCCAUG


@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG unequal application of the law……its a growing trend


@NoirEnBlanca They are probably asking Twitter for multiple blocking option. >>> @KCCAUG



@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG maybe to them the law is not a one suit fits all kind of thing


.@KCCAUG so street vending is permitted for official sponsors of KCCA FC as others are being pushed under cars?


Total elimination may take a while but are determined to cover the whole country. @Rossolive @KCCAUG @NadaAndersen @Jadwong @Ougasam


@sekalogo I like!!! @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@Snottyganda Kamwokya. Some 800m away from Acacia Mall in Kololo. Some people are not posh enough for attention. @sebsronnie @KCCAUG


@sebsronnie Beautiful way to make citizens happy. Only @KCCAUG knows how to serve you that.


@IreneSsozi I do not label people. But between you and I, I believe you need to read about racism. @OdongoPierre @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@IreneSsozi Because Uganda is my home for over 23 years, all my friends are here. @OdongoPierre @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@IreneSsozi Why are you so angry? @OdongoPierre @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@IreneSsozi I’m a citizen by registration. I made my choice to be Ugandan. @OdongoPierre @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@IreneSsozi You keep speaking about colours. Generalizing. Angry and disrespectful. Why are you like that? @OdongoPierre @KCCAUG @KCCAED


.@KCCAUG Happy holiday, Eid Mubarak. We are crossing as usual, heading to , it should be holiday every day!


@IreneSsozi I’m a citizen of Uganda and you two should read a little about racism, for your own good. @OdongoPierre @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @nemaug true. we cant see our country being drowned by greedy grumedes


@No_Kaveera Yes. Less love for personalities and egos, more love for our country and the soil that feeds all of us. @KCCAUG @nemaug


@No_Kaveera But when you point it out to >>> @KCCAUG you become their enemy No.1. You should see Kamwokya and buveera all over @nemaug


.@KCCAUG visitors of @WHO offices park on the road at Prince Charles Drive, just after bend and school gate.


@rs1elvis what else? Sweepers knocked by cars, dying of pneumonia and other respiratory diseases, do they have health insurance? @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG I would like to know if our city sweepers have health insurance to cover for all the respiratory diseases and health hazards.


.@KCCAUG I applaud you for job creation. Archaic way is the best. Who needs sweeping mechanisation?


@JamesArinaitwe Beautiful quote by Gutierez right there. Thank you. @KCCAUG


@NadaAndersen appreciate U exposing this the are a”by-product of the system.” @KCCAUG…


@oyochris They don’t seem to care about what people think. Reports, flowers and a coat of paint. @KCCAUG @KCCAED @IreneSsozi @OdongoPierre


@mutenyo_p That’s a very good question. Is there a published tariff? @oyochris @KCCAUG @KCCAED @IreneSsozi @OdongoPierre


@oyochris All follow Jenny and Josh and have very few strange followers. And love KCCA as seen. @KCCAUG @IreneSsozi @OdongoPierre @KCCAED


@oyochris See, I tweeted Katwe chaos this morning, Kamwokya in the evening. Then these came on. @KCCAUG @IreneSsozi @OdongoPierre @KCCAED



@oyochris Actually I was equally ashamed to share citizenship with these kids but then, kids… @IreneSsozi @OdongoPierre @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@OdongoPierre Did you get your national ID from your village or you are too young to have one? @KayondoUmar @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@KayondoUmar I just added you to KCCA bot list… Lemme undo that 🙂 @OdongoPierre @IreneSsozi @KCCAUG @KCCAED


.@KCCAUG Just a polite reminder, you are running a city, not a fish market. Your ‘friends’ are not helping improve your image.


@IreneSsozi Depends if you are buying or selling. Seems you like animals. @OdongoPierre @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@Broonland That’s what I call them out on. Just their known and stale promises. @KCCAUG


@OdongoPierre Oh but now I get it – you are actually a woman so you know!!!!! @IreneSsozi @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@OdongoPierre Did you know that one kilogram of cocoa beans now sells for 10k? That’s the best priced UG crop @IreneSsozi @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@Broonland they wouldn’t know an insult if it jumped in front of them and hit them on the head @KCCAUG


@kanyindo Don’t worry, bots can’t do homework 🙂 @KCCAUG


@IreneSsozi and another one. Kids, seems you are sitting together and copying fro@OdongoPierre @KCCAUGP@KCCAEDKCCAUG @KCCAED


@Broonland Little foolish kids. @KCCAUG


@OdongoPierre And we have toda@IreneSsozi @KCCAUGs@KCCAEDCAUG @KCCAED


@IreneSsozi Guys, is your internet so slow or consultations take too long? @OdongoPierre @KCCAUG @KCCAED


.@KCCAUG now you are sending Josh’s buddies to insult me? �


@IreneSsozi Why wonder, I tell you the second time, just ask. @OdongoPierre @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@OdongoPierre Hello children. Did you have milk yet? Brush your teeth, cartoon and off my TL. @IreneSsozi @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@IreneSsozi Have a glass of water. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@OdongoPierre You have a glass of water too. @IreneSsozi @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@IreneSsozi Oh, say hi to Josh, almost forgot! @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@IreneSsozi Thank you, you too. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@IreneSsozi Why do you wonder? Just ask. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@IreneSsozi I believe @KCCAUG @KCCAED can easily engage their own paramilitary to enforce city regulations.


@IreneSsozi Feel free to give them a break. That’s totally your choice. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@IreneSsozi Regulations for loading and offloading plus usurping city roads??? It’s these lazy guys ==> @KCCAUG @KCCAED


.@KCCAUG garbage burning along Northern Bypass and your favorites, matatus – well, enjoy.


.@KCCAUG Kamwokya, one large garbage pit where Twitterless, voiceless people live in inhuman conditions.


.@KCCAUG Kamwokya choking in filth.


.@KCCAUG This Pepsi distributor calmly blocks the road through Kamwokya for offloading.


@mpozii at least @KCCAUG can’t say they did a great job in Katwe. It’s all here in photos and – I’ll do this again @lizmutesi


I keep wondering, if Nada can see it, why can’t @KCCAUG which is paid to see, see it.…


@sebsronnie @NadaAndersen @sekalogo @KCCAUG @KCCAED – Remember kimeza? That was one sustainable way of holding public officers 2 account.


.@KCCAUG this is pathetic management of the main road coming into the city.


.@KCCAUG Still at creeping through slowly… Zzana to here, seven kilometers outside rush hour takes 28 minutes.


@KCCAUG @sekalogo @NadaAndersen @KCCAED I would love to attend one. When’s the next? How do I get an invite?


@sekalogo @NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED and ask hard questions and get clear answers/timelines. And then demand accountability at the next.


@sebsronnie @NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED I prefer face to face. Like that forum


@sekalogo @NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED share ideas and get answers to our questions. Whats so hard about that?


@sekalogo @NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED precisely.So that we actually see presentations of the mega-plans we keep getting piecemeal info abt


.@KCCAUG still stuck at waiting for your flyover. Even the preacher is angry.


.@KCCAUG this monument, such a pity. Pavement occupied by bodas at Usafi. Jam where even bodas are stuck.


@sekalogo @NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED what I would like to see is KCCA organize regular fora where we lay people interact with them


.@KCCAUG we are now completely stuck approaching enjoying the garbage and ruins of new Usafi Market


.@KCCAUG km 7 from Zzana this jam is caused by wrong parking and cluttering of pavement at Katwe. Pedestrians on road


I have witnessed @KCCAUG goons beating up a PK seller. Why don’t u use such energy on taxis that cause a mess everywhere?? @NadaAndersen


@sebsronnie @NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED it hurts that even manageable things like lane sense are being ignored for poor hawkers


.@KCCAUG km 6 from Zzana: broken pavements and shops encroaching with their goods in Katwe. Cars parked blocking pavement at Finance Trust


.@KCCAUG Garbage, Boda stage on the road of the roundabout, archaic advertising tools, broken pots and debris


.@KCCAUG garbage everywhere. Kibuye Roundabout matatus causing circus as usual, no proper bus stop for decades now.


.@KCCAUG km 3 – more matatu stops. More parking on the highway including offloading of trucks.


.@KCCAUG wrong parking, illegal bus stops, lanes blocked for washing, overloaded trucks.


.@KCCAUG 9.26 am and a slow crawl into town begins. I’m at dual carriageway and will tell you all about this slow journey. Km zero.


@sekalogo @NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED recently resurfaced road but the marking have completely vanished. What kind of paint was that?


@sekalogo @NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED funny – was thinking about those markings yesterday! Was on Jinja Rd between traffic lights & Airtel


@Kizito256 they will block you. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@Kizito256 perhaps, one day soon. Or – any time from now. Vague answers given by @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED still waiting for the commuter trains as promised by the ED.


@morisatwine not sure about @PeterKaujju but surely handles Jenny’s because she would never RT some of the stuff @KCCAUG @sekalogo @KCCAED


@Kizito256 I will always praise them when they deserve it. But will criticize when they deserve it too. Right now, no praise @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED we love our city we give credit where it’s due & we shall never cease to advise en even criticise if necessary


@josh_twin For @KCCAUG to joke with terrorism for a day where they expect over hundred thousand people, is plain stupidity. @ugandaupf


@NadaAndersen They’ve been like that! Looks like they live life on the Coke side! (No pun intended) @KCCAUG…


@NadaAndersen Owino+ nakasero market are sickening on a rainy day why not improve those food markets? @sekalogo @KCCAUG @KCCAED @nwsc


@NadaAndersen I wonder why after the cholera scare, Owino+Nakasero market still have food on the ground @sekalogo @KCCAUG @KCCAED @nwsc


@whthome The @KCCAUG handler is so conceited and self-absorbed hat he doesn’t understand the damage he’s doing @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc


@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc hiding wont save them


@julimuffn But the rant isn’t about beggars. It’s about other poor services and failed promises. @sekalogo @KCCAUG @KCCAED @nwsc


@NadaAndersen btw is that man blind for real? And who whoever gave him that business idea is good @sekalogo @KCCAUG @KCCAED @nwsc


@julimuffn That one with a paper? He’s at Shoprite, on Kanjokya Street and at Afrigo gigs dancing + a date @sekalogo @KCCAUG @KCCAED @nwsc


@NadaAndersen there is another beggar who acts deaf in restaurants, i have seen him ever since i was 8yrs @sekalogo @KCCAUG @KCCAED @nwsc


@sekalogo He schooled his kids baambi. At least, he can’t run. @KCCAUG @julimuffn @KCCAED @nwsc


who needs a degree and CV when you can be@KCCAUGKCCAUG won’t…g2lzOh


@julimuffn @NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED tell me a beggar who has ever been caught up in a teargas scuffle. Oba how do they fly away


@Kizito256 say that again and they will block you as they block EVERYONE who criticizes them @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED They are about quick fix quick gains at the expense of the tax payers’ money.


@NadaAndersen Usafi is so far away, I would do anything not to go that far @KCCAUG @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc


@sekalogo And that one with gray hair at Barclays Bank has seen all his kids through university. @julimuffn @KCCAUG @KCCAED @nwsc


@julimuffn @NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED @nwsc there is a gentleman on Speke road too


@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED Goodmorning to you all. Today I will try to stick to the facts that @KCCAUG wants.


2. This Money money excuse!! But let’s face it, @KCCAED has the government’s ear, and the money at that!! @KCCAUG @NadaAndersen


@julimuffn @NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED @nwsc I have once witnessed a bodaboda drop a toddler at Kitgum junction to “work”.


@sekalogo I know of a lady in my neighbour hood who is normal but acts lame on the street @NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED @nwsc


@julimuffn Look at brand new expensive Usafi Market – it’s fallen apart already and has no parking. @KCCAUG @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc


@whthome They blocked me anyway. @KCCAUG @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc



@Kizito256 their plan is like this: “what, accident? Put a hump!” @KCCAUG @KCCAED


Yhoooooo @NadaAndersen is skinning these @KCCAUG chaps at 6am…… Ayaaayaya @KCCAED


@NadaAndersen I want to know if the spitting fine was put in force @KCCAUG @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc


@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED Ladies trying to fend for their families are humiliated on the roads yet beggars are left at ease


@julimuffn True or false? Or these are our city best ambassadors? @KCCAUG @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc


1. FACT: Cheap road markings are purchased and can barely last a year. Even lane sense enforcement has failed @KCCAUG @KCCAED @NadaAndersen


@sekalogo Read my lil rant for some of those facts. Promised roads, actions. Garbage. Beggars. Humps. Bus lanes. Etc. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


.@KCCAUG but as they say, you cannot put in what was left out. Citizens will evaluate you, eventually. And your ego @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc


.@KCCAUG Immature, irresponsible attitude @JoshWama in managing two important handles. We are not here to feed egos. @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc


.@KCCAUG where a road accident happens, put road humps for tanks? Ever heard of ROAD SIGNS??? Or traffic education? @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc


.@KCCAUG all your efforts are diminished by the way you fail to implement your own laws and regulations. @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc


.@KCCAUG You allow beggars to bang on cars on all major junctions. Vendors still vending freely in traffic jam. @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc


.@KCCAUG yes, you have planted flowers, arrested people for stepping on grass and selling on the streets. @sekalogo@KCCAEDg@nwscCAED @nwsc


.@KCCAUG for years you have failed to put road markings on city roads. Bus lanes. Garbage heaps are everywhere. @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc


.@KCCAUG for years you are only talking trains, Clock Tower, Jinja Road flyovers, bus lanes, boda restricted zones. @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc


.@KCCAUG I need help to understand this kind of humour. @ugandaupf


.@KCCAUG Stop retweeting your immature childish self-praise from Jenny’s handle, you are embarrassing her. @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc


.@KCCAUG and you are obviously God to decide what opinion of you should citizens of Kampala have. @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc


@DirtGlueAfriCon Any time. @KCCAED @sekalogo @KCCAUG



.@KCCAUG Any criticism is offensive to you because you are immature & take it personally. Too many people blocked. @sekalogo @KCCAED @nwsc


@sekalogo they had some, actually, but it doesn’t help. @KCCAUG @KCCAED @nwsc


@sekalogo they both blocked me so they certainly want only praises. If you insist, you’ll be blocked. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@sekalogo They missed English too. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


.@KCCAED Dust is something very manageable and solutions are available. Ask @DirtGlueAfriCon they have available product @sekalogo @KCCAUG


.@KCCAED Dust? Which dust? You think they care about dust? Have a look at Rotary Avenue and see for yourself… @sekalogo @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG A TRAIN! that’s going to finish this slight movement at Clog Tower. @KampalaTraffic


.@KCCAUG when a brand new market looks like this. Who ate the money? @KampalaTraffic


.@KCCAUG hello if Amama had to pass this way to Mbale, he would have given up long ago. @KampalaTraffic


@Broonland Thanks for that! But they are not worth it; their aggression is genuine, hard to deceive the public. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


well, they heard “@NadaAndersen: @Broonland Haaaa I can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@Broonland Haaaa I can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@Broonland getting ahead of themselves but who cares, they have skidded on their bums and left a mark, albeit brown @KCCAUG


@Broonland When ego overtakes your thinking. Where planting flowers doesn’t build flyovers. When time will come for accountability. @KCCAUG


@Broonland those blocked me long ago, when I told Jenny to get adults to run the handle instead of kids, she blocked me too �@KCCAUGG


and for @KCCAUG once u complain, they block, unfollow u & perhaps look for u. lol. But Hats off to these remarkable teams @nwscug @ura_ug


@tufre80 We think it’s enough to look pretty in paid PR publications. @KCCAUG @URAuganda @bkyeyune


@NadaAndersen @mutenyo_p @bkyeyune @tufre80 @KCCAUG @nsawoh but I’ve ranted about it enough.


Guatemala increased compliance by 43% via writing letters to households. @KCCAUG @URAuganda Please take notes. @NadaAndersen @bkyeyune


@sebsronnie But the day we carry hammers they’ll say “look, Besigye!” so what are our options @mutenyo_p @bkyeyune @tufre80 @KCCAUG @nsawoh


@NadaAndersen @mutenyo_p @bkyeyune @tufre80 @KCCAUG @nsawoh Nakawa – completely meaningless hump just after turning towards MUBS…


@NadaAndersen @bkyeyune @tufre80 @KCCAUG @nsawoh Impunity Lives on.


@mutenyo_p Wait till they bang some military grade humps instead of lights… As they do… @bkyeyune @tufre80 @KCCAUG @nsawoh


@tufre80 Bizarre way of working. @bkyeyune @nsawoh @KCCAUG


So much for authorities that have dwellers at the heart of building a vibrant capital city. Act, ask qns later. @bkyeyune @KCCAUG @nsawoh


@tufre80 Today i saw the @KCCAUG guys beat up a guy cuz he was asking them why they were taking away people’s things. @nsawoh


@KCCAUG the Size of has been our Concern. Need to be reduced for public safety @NadaAndersen.…


@KagutaMuseveni meeting @KCCAUG Councillors @ state house Entebbe, discussing poverty and wealth creation.@EvelynAnite ,@OfwonoOpondo


@KCCAED I don’t want to sound rude but: one line per day? @steveguma @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG from – traffic buildup for no reason – as usual.


@NadaAndersen @njunr2012 @KCCAED @KCCAUG Even Wandegeya? Why? I thought it was the roundabouts we were supposed to be removing…


@njunr2012 Thank you the government of Japan, didn’t last too long. @sebsronnie @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@njunr2012 As in – removed, uprooted? @sebsronnie @KCCAED @KCCAUG


In other news, the traffic lights at Nakawa have vanished – into thin air! What’s happening? Thought I was hallucinating… @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@RumaKakaCPA Yes, right next to this work by @KCCAUG in Kamwokya. @JoshWama @KCCAED


.@KCCAUG failed if the building is within the city boundaries. UNRA covers national roads and their reserves. @josh_twin @UNRA_UG


This is for @KCCAED if its within the @KCCAUG Area. But can have guts.…


@XXLTVSHOWUGANDA I’m glad he looks better, I know he will make it. Thank you for all you’re doing. @KCCAUG @PeterKaujju @KCCAED


@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @PeterKaujju @KCCAED Yes we have 3 kidney donors. We are going to be running kidney test match this week.


@kanyindo And he >>> @JoshWama only wishes he can somehow do the same for @KCCAED and @KCCAUG. Listening to people is key. @nwscug @NWSCMD


@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @PeterKaujju @KCCAED yes the initial 10. From Friday, he will start the 2 a week running to his kidney transplant.


: Before we can reign we have to learn how to serve. @KCCAUG @PeterKaujju @NadaAndersen @KCCAED


@XXLTVSHOWUGANDA Has he secured a donor and where is the operation taking place? @KCCAUG @PeterKaujju @KCCAED


@XXLTVSHOWUGANDA is the dialysis over? @KCCAUG @PeterKaujju @KCCAED


@sebsronnie Fact remains, these ones>>> @KCCAED @KCCAUG <<< can’t see themselves from the shadows of their egos. So people remain doomed.


@sebsronnie If you approach people as a friend, they will listen to you. If you cut off their legs, well… @AzRonn @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@sebsronnie I haven’t seen the ‘now’ and I haven’t seen the ‘then’. But you, I trust you on that one. @AzRonn @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@sebsronnie Would be fun to find out how much they blow on advertising and PR… @AzRonn @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@sebsronnie Authority has the powers to EDUCATE. Spend budgets on talking to people instead of talking down to them @AzRonn @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@nemaug Local authority does not listen to its citizens any more. Not if we are not singing praises… @sebsronnie @AzRonn @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@sebsronnie And those 600m of tarmac would to wonders to ease the traffic – but do they really give a damn? @AzRonn @KCCAED @KCCAUG


.@KCCAED The beauty of Kamwokya towards Northern Bypass. @nemaug Please advise @KCCAUG to clean this up.…


@madpetergrown Pssst they may actually notice! @KCCAUG @KCCAED



@sebsronnie Key route from Kololo to Northern Bypass looks like that. Shame. @AzRonn @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@sebsronnie This is the pride of our city – Kamwokya! @AzRonn @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@sebsronnie Try going through Kamwokya Market to connect to Northern Bypass. 600m needs repair but hey… @AzRonn @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@AzRonn But hey, what do I know, I just observe these things. You’re probably right, we should be happy @sebsronnie @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@AzRonn So what shd take three months takes 2 years because of total lack of planning (Wankulukuku to Nateete) @sebsronnie @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@AzRonn Yes, there is road recently (not)completed; Surfaced and then – surprise! We need drainage! @sebsronnie @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@AzRonn Entebbe Road, Kibuye Roundabout, Katwe, Kamwokya, Nsambya, Ggaba Road, Old Port Bell Road? Where? @sebsronnie @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@AzRonn What exactly? A couple of disengaged guys in some uniform with whistles in their mouths? @sebsronnie @KCCAED @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG I wonder where you’re tweeting from at 3.30 am, talking about “impounding illegal activities”. I’d love to see that! @Owishemwe


@Owishemwe The cows (Especially those that have been talking about moving cows out of the city for years now.) @KCCAUG


@KCCAUG I would like to know why I’m driving behind Livestock in the Capital…


@Owishemwe But sing them a praise and all their bots will retweet at once! @KCCAUG


@Owishemwe You could have asked the cows, you’d have gotten more meaningful conversation from them than waiting for an answer from @KCCAUG


True @NadaAndersen The Kaveera menace is a huge cost! Facts everywhere; @nwscug @KCCAUG @URAuganda @mofpedU


And, of course, @nemaug has to reign in the @KCCAUG circus to watch over compliance within Kampala, the most polluted place in Uganda


: We appeal to to go and pick their @UgandaMediaCent @KCCAUG @KCCAED


.@KCCAUG don’t be surprised if we start planting kasava and maize… Good morning!…


@tufre80 I wonder how much @KCCAUG pays their clap-clap bots. Just a rhetorical question. @duchace


@duchace It’s fantastic! I’m looking forward to this reform of the health sector! Exciting news! Can’t wait! @tufre80 @KCCAUG @KCCAED


.@pwatchug Hopefully amendment will decriminalize vendors and people who park on the grass, clip the egos at @KCCAUG


@StoneAtwine For that president, you must have touched a raw nerve 🙂 .@ him to apologize @HerbertMusoke @KCCAUG @KCCAED @UmemeLtd


@StoneAtwine the child that handles >>> @KCCAUG can’t manage criticism and madam here >>> @KCCAED can’t be bothered @UmemeLtd @HerbertMusoke


@HerbertMusoke Join the club! Especially these two >>> @KCCAUG @KCCAED <<< only want praise, no questions. @UmemeLtd @BebeCoolUG


Say something that criticizes any of the things shared by these accounts and you’re blocked. @KCCAUG @KCCAED @UmemeLtd @BebeCoolUG


.@KCCAUG Indeed in Katwe you can develop a supersonic speed of 30kmph thanks to poor road and


.@KCCAUG I’m at Zzana Roundabout, sensing the evil pulse of sharpening their teeth to devour patience of Kampalans today.


@emanzi They got the bill passed while we watched sheepishly in ignorance. Now we’re all criminals. @nwscug @NWSCMD @Opiaiya @KCCAUG


@KampalaTraffic Spending an hour of my life between and ClogTower as we speak. @KCCAUG has deaf ears. But we knew that.


.@KCCAUG Good morning packing traffic right from Zzana Roundabout. Slowing down people unnecessarily and damaging vehicles.


@lcmuha Unfortunately @KCCAUG has no idea what inclusion of opinions is. They think they are too hot. But are not @nwscug @NWSCMD @LKasande


.@KCCAUG wins in Business Excellence category with eCitie


.@KCCAUG What’s twenty minutes for four hundred meters really? From to Clog Tower? Only millions of work-hours wasted daily.


.@KCCAUG Hello and once again, traffic piled up, crossing these four mountains of Katwe Road. Unnecessarily frustrating people


.@KCCAUG @Lewis_Bond007 Because it is easier to inconvenience everyone than to teach few people to be disciplined.…


.@KCCAUG If only you wouldn’t insist on risking people’s lives and legs… And pasting humps after humps on roads. @Lewis_Bond007 @KCCAED


.@KCCAUG keeping us all parked properly. It’ll be another hour to reach Clog Tower.


.@KCCAUG plus, overloaded DMC trucks milling everywhere with no control, breaking down, blocking streets. Massive management failure.


.@KCCAUG How can people be certain they entered the boundaries of Kampala City: unruly matatus, bodas, food vendors and traffic everywhere


@changeoffreym Let’s find the lady tomorrow and you can start from there. @mutenyo_p @KCCAUG


@changeoffreym Aren’t you first supposed to be told what offence you are charged with, then record a statement? @KCCAUG @mutenyo_p


@changeoffreym But how and why would such authority be given? Isn’t that overstepping many powers and legal channels? @KCCAUG @mutenyo_p


@changeoffreym How can you be taken to court if you were not given your rights, recorded a statement, given a lawyer? @KCCAUG @mutenyo_p


@changeoffreym But aren’t they supposed to be taken to police first??? @KCCAUG @mutenyo_p


@changeoffreym She may not live to see the justice if HRC takes it’s time with the case. I wish there’s someone else. @KCCAUG @mutenyo_p


@peitarparker And they won’t… @KCCAUG @BeingEdna @KCCAED


.@KCCAUG Now that’s the thing – if they are brought to court straight from the street do they pass through police @changeoffreym @mutenyo_p


.@KCCAUG <<<They are still investigating I suppose as they have not given any statement. But the limb is gone. @changeoffreym @mutenyo_p


@wbangirana It is all very confusing. @KCCAUG @changeoffreym @mutenyo_p


.@KCCAUG I’m talking about the ones magistrate can’t see on the arrest day… What happens to them? @changeoffreym @mutenyo_p


.@KCCAUG I guess high time to find out if challenge can be brought up. (I wonder what are our lawyer MPs doing?) @changeoffreym @mutenyo_p


.@KCCAUG Fine or time in prison but aren’t offenders taken to Luzira before the sentencing – for safekeeping? @changeoffreym @mutenyo_p


.@KCCAUG Just wondering why would KCCA bylaws ever address criminal cases beyond the Penal Act. Contradiction? @changeoffreym @mutenyo_p


.@KCCAUG Reading Penal Act now, agree, no such offence there, neither in KCCA Act, are KCCA bylaws for criminals? @changeoffreym @mutenyo_p


@changeoffreym Is street vending without a permit a criminal offence? @mutenyo_p @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG Another thing that bothers me is that detained persons are taken to Luzira. Is street vending a criminal offence? @barefootlawUG


@changeoffreym I’m calling you in the morning. @mutenyo_p @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG From all I’ve learnt so far, any person under arrest has to be produced at the police station first. Not in KCCA court.


@changeoffreym Can you try and find her? Please? @mutenyo_p @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG This case is probably for Constitutional Court @RaymondLukwago @Samwyri


.@KCCAUG Perhaps FHRI can guide us. I’ll try contact them in the morning. @Samwyri


.@KCCAUG I wonder if anyone has the energy to sit in court at their own expense; we are so disconnected from right and wrong. @Samwyri


.@KCCAUG Precisely my point.…


.@KCCAUG If ever there was a redundant comment, that was the one. @lcmuha @Samwyri


.@KCCAUG Try Queens’ Way after 6pm – full of sidewalk vendors. So daytime vendors are brutalised on behalf of nighttime vendors. @mutenyo_p


.@KCCAUG I appreciate they are beautifying but with their brute enforcement, they should consider city cemeteries. @cyrylkojo @mutenyo_p


@mutenyo_p Thanks for this. Now Chan, @changeoffreym do you want to go to Mulago and see her? @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG @changeoffreym I don’t think she can even get in touch, unless we search for her. I’ll ask my office to find her. @mutenyo_p


.@KCCAUG For all your followers: please pay attention to this.…


.@KCCAUG A lot of people have to scavenge for a living in Kampala. Selling their goods is lesser sin than stealing, killing, rape @mutenyo_p


.@KCCAUG This is exactly my question and fear. A ‘para-police’ and a ‘para-judiciary’ process. Skipping the police step. Why? @benmugu


.@KCCAUG But all the kids with samosas and mandazis that are brought to KCCA court daily on pickups, they are charged in court… @mutenyo_p


.@KCCAUG I just wish the lady whose leg was cut off in a scuffle with your enforcement officers can afford good legal representation.


.@KCCAUG Your enforcement officers take the role of police but don’t take suspects to police station. This may be against the law.


.@KCCAUG I’ve been reading every single Act on your website and I fail to see which one gives you power to arrest and charge in your court.


.@KCCAUG Legal opinion on your powers to arrest is found here:… Taking suspects to KCCA Court isn’t legal, it seems.


.@KCCAUG If indeed you are granted arresting powers, this may be a large loophole in the law and my fear is that you may be exploiting it.


.@KCCAUG I am not sure your officials are following the law when they take suspects immediately to KCCA Court. @barefootlawUG opinion please


.@KCCAUG According to @ugandaupf citizens can also conduct arrests provided that the suspect is brought to a Police Station immediately.


.@KCCAUG Researching on powers to arrest; this is what I found. THE LIMITATIONS TO POLICE POWER… via @barefootlawUG


@barefootlawUG I have a couple of questions related to the way @KCCAUG operates. Related to the way they treat Ugandans. Should I go ahead?


.@KCCAUG I somehow have a feeling that your bylaws are not aligned with the Constitution and Laws of Uganda. Nagging feeling.


@sekalogo Vendors chased (and gravely injured) off the streets downtown while plant nurseries claim narrow Kololo roads @wbangirana @KCCAUG


@NadaAndersen Nice gesture but I think @KCCAUG should own up their mistakes. NOTHING is worth threatening one’s life


.@KCCAUG I’ll be looking for a prosthetic leg to buy for the other lady vendor who can’t participate, thanks to you…


.@KCCAUG the vendor without a leg asks how she can get a permit to set up this business on an otherwise narrow road.


.@KCCAUG a major pain for commuters, major slowdown to already slow traffic through Katwe, building up queue to Najjanankumbi


@KampalaTraffic But you can be engaging @KCCAED and @KCCAUG until they block you, nothing changes @rkabushenga @UNRA_UG @RuhakanaR @ED_UNRA


.@KCCAUG begin the harassment of Kampala motorists for the day.


@choleriqlare That, nobody is denying. But when @KCCAUG goes to close arcades, do they beat up owners and shopkeepers? Civilised handling.


@kawalya2 Good point. They are already guilty as sin. @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG Was it worth it? Driving a point home by leaving a mother without a leg? A man fighting a woman, on the street? Was it worth it?


@kawalya2 They will block you too. @KCCAUG


@mutenyo_p Just sinking deeper into mud with these deliberate actions. @KCCAUG @ssojo81 @DailyMonitor


.@KCCAUG I’m sure you will block that vendor on Twitter.…


.@KCCAUG on the flip side, citizens should dedicate one day in a year to appreciate people who sweep the streets of Kampala.


.@KCCAUG Hello no matter the time of the day, traffic is piled up in Katwe. One good way to frustrate people every day.



@Mutasamste Owners? @HiltonHotels @KCCAUG


on every street corner – is it even legal? @KCCAUG @KCCAED


slow down traffic and create buildup to Najjanankumbi. When power to decide for people sits in wrong hands @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@jonah_3000 anyway this is just a beginning, let’s see how much Management owes him… @JoshWama @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@jonah_3000 I’m actually more of an informed, argumentative debater than a bully, but people interpret at will @JoshWama @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@Jonathan_Wamala Where’s racist coming from? @jonah_3000 @JoshWama @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@jonah_3000 See, when handling Twitter for any company, you have to be mature, apt, quick. Blocking tweeps? No-no @JoshWama @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@jonah_3000 It’s not anything a man with a sense of humour can’t handle. I’d tell you I was a bull(y)… @JoshWama @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@jonah_3000 But you did call him a cow (and kinda thanks for that) @JoshWama @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@jonah_3000 See, then he shouldn’t be in charge of a government agency Twitter handle. We can’t have that immaturity. @JoshWama @KCCAUG


@jonah_3000 Ssimmanyi but now you asked, he’ll block you too. Trigger-happy lad. Good he hasn’t got a gun. @JoshWama @KCCAUG


@ogodwine He blocked you too? @JoshWama @KCCAUG


@JoshWama I’m proud of you! Now go back to @KCCAUG handle and unblock all the twerps you blocked. Be a good boy. Show brain and maturity.


@Jonathan_Wamala Can’t remember who else @JoshWama blocked on @KCCAUG handle, do you know? Since he’s now trying to engage me… @KCCAED


@JoshWama so why are you still having your employer in your tweets? @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@JoshWama So why are you adding your employer? @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@Jonathan_Wamala Of coure, after that conversation of ours! Chief blocker here >>> @JoshWama <<< @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@JoshWama We know you 🙂 @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@JoshWama As Josh Wama is blocking everyone who complains to KCCA using the @KCCAUG handle 🙂 @KCCAED


Hello Katwe! @KCCAED @KCCAUG when are you removing ?


@SvanIsmail Just don’t complain to @KCCAUG because they will block you 🙂 @UNRA_UG @Broonland


@WMuhumuza what’s important is that solutions are found. And that all people providing service wake up. @lizmutesi @UNRA_UG @KCCAUG


@WMuhumuza That was clarified a while ago. No need to bash UNRA now, we all know that KCCA is so amazing 😉 @lizmutesi @UNRA_UG @KCCAUG


@lizmutesi First hand experience 😉 blocked by a lil boy-child managing @KCCAUG handle @KCCAED @PeterKaujju @UGPoorService @UNRA_UG


@lizmutesi That’d be domain of @KCCAUG but if you complain to them they will block you @KCCAED @PeterKaujju @UGPoorService @UNRA_UG


In fact, if @KCCAED and @PeterKaujju can not control one lil tweep behind @KCCAUG handle, what can you manage then? Shame, seriously.


@KCCAED @PeterKaujju why do you have a @KCCAUG handle if everyone who tweets any criticism is blocked? What nonsense is this?


@NadaAndersen this market needs to be demolished and rebuilt….@KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG beautification of Usafi begins with dumping concrete debris by the roadside. Pope will be pleased.


.@KCCAUG Friday morning and your sweepers are busy blocking half of the dual carriageway from Zzana. Let the traffic clogging begin!


@ze_phill I am not sure they would like me to be on board >>> @KCCAUG I’d probably drive them nuts!


@ze_phill Do I continue or do I keep quiet, what is better for all of us? @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG Good morning from where commuters are tortured daily.


.@KCCAUG Today’s vendors’ message is that we need to kunaba as everyone is selling towels. Certainly, after all that toilet paper…


@jamesmaiteki thank you for saving us again! @nwscug @KCCAUG


@jamesmaiteki I suspect someone had connected their sewer line to it. @nwscug @KCCAUG


@jamesmaiteki your guys are already through with the work. But this dean, when blocked, comes with foul smell. @nwscug @KCCAUG


@mwanguhya However, I will be reminding them, one reminder per day. Because if I don’t, even that one line may be forgotten @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@PKOloo No one forced her to open her mouth. @KCCAUG


@PKOloo Four years busy? That’s a sign of a busybody. @KCCAUG


@jamesabola Let me add Jinja Road flyovers as they were promised in the same breath. @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG Hello where are the flyovers? The ones Jenny promised in 2011?


.@KampalaTraffic hello where are our flyovers promised by @KCCAUG in 2011?


.@KCCAUG once again, hello now we can park here for a while, as we wait for KCCA to build flyovers at


@Snottyganda because nobody will bring flowers to their final resting places… ? @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG Our Clog Tower flyovers wapi? Four years ago you made promises nobody asked you to make. Where are the flyovers?


@RugayampunziA Painting animals in any colour is cruelty and has been addressed adequately by law, arrestable offence. @ugandaupf @KCCAUG


@OlavieK And we pat ourselves on the shoulders as if doing a great job, @KCCAUG? @nwscug @mpangajovans @NWSCMD @hkashillingi @SarahKagingo


@OlavieK Is that a sewer or something else? God help us. @KCCAUG @nwscug @mpangajovans @NWSCMD @hkashillingi @SarahKagingo


.@KCCAUG And if the spring water is dangerous, why keep it accessible??? @nwscug @mpangajovans @NWSCMD @hkashillingi @SarahKagingo


.@KCCAUG Why? If the water is potable and free, why not “beautify” the springs? @nwscug @mpangajovans @NWSCMD @hkashillingi @SarahKagingo


@nwscug This is essential beautification KCCA should focus on. @mpangajovans @NWSCMD @hkashillingi @SarahKagingo @KCCAUG


@SebagUg It’s a clear-cut solution. @sekalogo @KCCAUG


Since Today is a tuesday,@KCCAUG and @KCCAED should pick a leaf if not taking the whole tree on how to answer Qns


@Sambannz And until they show respect to tweeps, they should chew on the roots only >>> @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@Sambannz They wasted people’s time by suggesting a tweet-up of @KCCAUG @KCCAED


How funny. @KCCAUG @KCCAED . I only see complaints not replys for


@KCCAED @KCCAUG Really! “That’s not true” I give up at this kind of respons. CLEARLY THE HANDLER OF THIS ACCOUNT IS A JOKE @NadaAndersen


@andsjeff Mixing up tenses, writing u instead of you, wapi. @KCCAED @thekerororist @Elirri @KCCAUG


@sekalogo Space is never an issue, lack of plan and execution is an issue. Our city continues to go to rats. See the slums. @SebagUg @KCCAUG


@thekerororist But this should be exposed, a whole KCCA ED should not be duping the citizens. @KCCAED @andsjeff @Elirri @KCCAUG


@sekalogo Absolutely agree. What is adjacent to road if not road reserve for pedestrian walkways? @SebagUg @KCCAUG


.@KCCAED I don’t think it was Jenny tweeting because of the poor language and slang used. @andsjeff @thekerororist @Elirri @KCCAUG


.@KCCAED Anyone who raises criticism is blocked. Stop belittling tweeps with these untrue stories. @thekerororist @andsjeff @Elirri @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG for painting lines on Yusuf Lule Road. After 23 years of driving on it, it finally feels complete.


@KCCAUG When will the graders bring down the walls encroaching on road reserves in Muyenga-Bukasa circular/link Road? @KCCAED


@KCCAED How can roads be built in 2015 without drainage, what’s with murrum based patchwork on tarmac roads? @KCCAUG


@KCCAED when is @KCCAUG gonna work on gentle rumble strips. Most of current ones are rough and unconfortable


Why is it that when we complain about Balokole churches to @KCCAUG nothing is done. The noise pollution from these Churches ..


@KCCAUG @KCCAED what is the role of us as residents? What can we do to improve our beloved ?


Lots of precious time wasted in traffic jam, or we do not know what other responsibilities @KCCAUG has.…


What is the purpose of the sessions if questions are answered let alone acknowledged @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@sekalogo This is hurting KCCA image more than any abuse and slander. Superficial interest. @MilesMoses @josh_twin @thekerororist @KCCAUG


@MilesMoses I very much agree. @josh_twin @thekerororist @KCCAUG


@NadaAndersen That’s the result of not being answerable to the people that matter. The citizens, @josh_twin @thekerororist @KCCAUG


@josh_twin Blocking people out of conversation is a sign of weakness. But that much we know. @MilesMoses @thekerororist @KCCAUG


.@KCCAED Why do you block tweeps who criticise you and @KCCAUG?


@NoohSinanR That is the way you should remain. If you continue faving my tweets, they’ll block you for sure @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@NoohSinanR but you also…… @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@pyepar I thought there were scientific and empirical measures for density, but this was extra-terrestrial @KCCAUG


@mfranswa I can delete my calendar app, Josh from @KCCAUG will take care of me


.@KCCAUG I can’t wait for you to tell us what date the first Sunday in October will be. Shivering in anticipation.



@KCCAUG Why r Some street vendors more equal than others @KCCAED @uginvestigator @NadaAndersen @SarahKagingo


@RosandPost Because they are official sponsors of KCCA FC? Perhaps? Maybe? What do I know? @KCCAUG @KCCAED @uginvestigator @SarahKagingo


Omg @KCCAUG and @KCCAED is this how it will be substandard work like this??…


@thekerororist We can write our case, post a petition online, get MPs to take it to Parliament. @KCCAUG


@thekerororist I believe we should demand accountability for Usafi Market @KCCAUG


@NadaAndersen that’s the billion dollar market? Dear God have mercy on us. @KCCAUG


@whthome Yes, good name, no? Permanently clogged up. Where are those flyovers promised in 2011? @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic


.@KCCAUG Building for generations, are we?


.@KCCAUG Good morning piling traffic up all the way to Clog Tower. Happy Friday! @KampalaTraffic


.@KCCAUG Are those new modern LED street lights on Ebb Road? Good choice on saving energy. One plus to you.


@Ariomartintreo It is painful to see and I feel powerless to do anything, except exposing it each time I pass Kamwokya @pyepar @KCCAUG


@BibiRukwengye Not until we all demand service delivery to the underprivileged. @KCCAUG


@BibiRukwengye it’s painful to see that hundreds of millions are spent on a party yet people live in horrid conditions. @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG as you are prepping for Kampala Festival, consider bringing it to Kamwokya Slum, it badly needs cheering up.


Queen’s Way roadworks, great timing by @KCCAUG – bang in the middle of rush hour; from the opposite direction, empty convoy @KampalaTraffic


@Broonland Then these losers >>> @KCCAUG could give him a tin of paint to tidy the place up. And remove the buweera.


@Broonland Biki? @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG this monument wrapped in buveera now has a tenant. Sad times for Kampala.


@ivan_turiz Do you have any idea how many flowers can KSH 400 million plant??? @KCCAUG


.@KCCAUG can help with a cheaper solution: just bang a few massive humps and keep the money.…


@RosandPost But one day they will realize that it is better to act early and educate citizens timely. @ugandaupf @KCCAUG @nemaug


@RosandPost Illegal disposal of garbage by burning. Smoke poisoning and fire hazard in a densely populated area. @ugandaupf @KCCAUG @nemaug


@NWSCMD “We’re working on packaged sewerage modern systems to improve sewerage services/coverage” @NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@kkBongo4 It is illegal to burn rubbish in the city. @ugandaupf @KCCAUG @nemaug


Fire at Plot 45 Kanjokya Street. Fire hazard for neighbours. @ugandaupf @KCCAUG @nemaug


.@KCCAUG @kkBongo4 I personally have nothing against Jennifer but we are tired of empty promises and expensive PR that’s not really working


.@KCCAUG thirty-five minutes from to is a reflection of your failed promises and inability to deliver to Kampalans.


.@KCCAUG One simple traffic management rule: morning rush – prioritize people getting into the city; evening rush – prioritize getting out.


.@KCCAUG All street vending on major highways should be strictly roadside. @UNRA_UG


.@KCCAUG Newspaper vendors are slowing down traffic on Entebbe Road. Vendors should be positioned safely on the roadside near marked stops.



@rggoobi yep, it could be the case of “My hump is bigger than yours” @sebsronnie @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic


@rutamark you should but you need a shark, not a lawyer, with those people. @sebsronnie @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic


@sebsronnie or – maybe a bigger onNow, #M@KCCAUGu@KampalaTrafficUG @KampalaTraffic


I absolutely hope that @KCCAUG wipes out all humps that are not in front of schools and hospitals by TOMORROW. Had enough of you too.


@AishaThatGal But of course, clogged all the time. @RoadsAuthority @KCCAED @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic


@kiapi40KFreddie I want to be a fly inside the driving school car. What they teach? @Jadwong @RoadsAuthority @KCCAED @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic


@kiapi40KFreddie And jam was mostly because of uncoordinated traffic police action @Jadwong @RoadsAuthority @KCCAED @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic


@kiapi40KFreddie Driving like a slightly road-raged Italian man in Alpha Romeo… @Jadwong @RoadsAuthority @KCCAED @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic


@kiapi40KFreddie I left Kanjokya Street at 2.15pm and got to Clog Tower at 3.30pm @Jadwong @RoadsAuthority @KCCAED @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic


Aaaaand…. Hello and their tankophobic guardians @KCCAUG ! Next Christmas you owe me the anti-aging serum.


for answers that make little or no sense or answers that never come: @KCCAUG @mtnug @UmemeLtd @africellUG and a few others…


@KCCAUG that is below par from an official handle. @NadaAndersen @nwscug @since__1986 @NWSCMD @Jadwong @Snottyganda


@niyimic Even complete words don’t address issues properly sometimes @KCCAUG @nwscug @since__1986 @NWSCMD @Jadwong @Snottyganda


@NadaAndersen We’al know its 140 characters, but they can type better english!! @Jadwong @KCCAUG @niyimic @NWSCMD @nwscug


@KCCAUG wow wow wow hit me with English please… @nwscug @since__1986 @NWSCMD @Jadwong @niyimic @Snottyganda


@EdwinAlecho at least I’m now in RAV4 – no way I’m taking my Figaro over @KCCAUG


We need a cafeteria right here at @KCCAUG


@EdwinAlecho not quite, a NASA Mars probe is much more suitable for driving over @KCCAUG


But truth be told, the greenery around is pretty. Excellent for meditation. Just stare away and chant @KCCAUG


were made for tanks… Wait a minute, who’s invading us? @KCCAUG


@CharlesOpil here I am, you can send a dozen tweets in between one set of that’s how slow the traffic is here @KCCAUG


Hello Katwe. I can see you from Najjanankumbi. I wish @KCCAUG offices move to Entebbe – then they would have to deal with


@BJonani we need to grow love for another human being, share and care @KCCAUG @nwscug @since__1986 @NWSCMD @Jadwong @niyimic @Snottyganda


@BJonani home upbringing, school, community – all are responsible here @KCCAUG @nwscug @since__1986 @NWSCMD @Jadwong @niyimic @Snottyganda


@BJonani typhoid comes from poor sanitation, so why not attack @KCCAUG, why only @nwscug @since__1986 @NWSCMD @Jadwong @niyimic @Snottyganda


@kiapi40KFreddie That would be timely. I have some hard questions. @nwsc @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@KCCAUG buy portaloos for slums. Time to really teach sanitation. Use your comms agencies… @martinssempa @KCCAED @nwscug @Jadwong @WHO


@martinssempa Now you’re talking! And mark the latrines in the areas. How close to springs. @KCCAUG @KCCAED @nwscug @Jadwong @WHO


@martinssempa What did @KCCAUG say to this? When are we cleaning this city? Teaching people not to litter? @nwscug @NWSCMD @KCCAED


@KCCAUG Ah thank you, THANK YOU!!! @KCCAED


Hello Katwe. @KCCAUG how about it?


@Kladogo I’m glad you also noticed that their TL has very little about @KCCAUG @KCCAED @Jadwong @tufre80 @nwscug


@Kladogo maybe these chaps @nwscug @NWSCMD have somehow stepped on the toes of these chaps @KCCAUG @KCCAED ? @Jadwong @tufre80 @WHO


@Kladogo Is @nwscug now a scapegoat for @KCCAUG failure to enforce bans on selling unhygienic foods? @KCCAED @Jadwong @tufre80 @WHO @NWSCMD


@Kladogo I also want to know why has @KCCAUG failed to enforce ban of selling water in buveera @KCCAED @Jadwong @tufre80 @WHO @nwscug


@sotandeka No, just a sketch on their website, @Jadwong can hook you up with a link @Kladogo @nwscug @KCCAUG @KCCAED @tufre80


@Kladogo So that soon it will be Museveni’s fault, I suppose… and Janet’s. And Muhoozi’s. @nwscug @KCCAUG @KCCAED @Jadwong @tufre80 @WHO


@Kladogo Correct: water from streams and water sold in buveera is 90% unsafe. But you knew that. @nwscug @KCCAUG @KCCAED @Jadwong @tufre80


@Zahranamuli But Zahra, samples were taken from where? Public taps supplied by NWSC or anywhere random? @Jadwong @KCCAUG @WHO @nwscug


Not many understand this @nwscug @NWSCMD but the spirit of transparency is appreciated @sourced @Snottyganda @ariongm @tomddumba @KCCAUG


@samagona Always at rush hour… @KCCAUG @KCCAED @wirejames @Jadwong @Samwyri @tomddumba @ssojo81 @BibiRukwengye @odurochan


@wirejames I hope not! Another risky mode of transport. @samagona @KCCAUG @KCCAED @Samwyri @tomddumba @ssojo81 @BibiRukwengye @odurochan


@KCCAUG Please keep reminding us regularly of the number. Thank you! @KCCAED


Corruption disrupts and delays service delivery. Please report corruption related matters to this hotline: 0794 662 222 @KCCAED


good morning to all commuters who drive through Katwe daily and waste hours of good productive time stuck in traffic @KCCAUG


@tmashru But do you see parents, mainly Asian, milling with their children all over the road? @sebsronnie @KampalaTraffic @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@sebsronnie Or relocate the school out of the busy traffic area @tmashru @KampalaTraffic @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@sebsronnie were built with immense hate for the mankind. Sealed in spite and ugly thoughts… @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic


@sebsronnie were built either by an evil omuroogo or by a very ugly and despised woman… Out of spite… @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic


@sebsronnie no, no! See, those ones are done to SOME specification, at least they slope gently. Try @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic


@sebsronnie Nope, drivers are tortured by military grade humps on already over-congested streets! That means power! @KCCAUG @KampalaTraffic


@BuriteJoseph I disagree. If I tell someone not to park in front of my gate, they answer “this is my country…” Deal with that… @KCCAUG


@BuriteJoseph Elites? Hmmmm… I thought any eejit parks in the middle of the road, blocking people’s gates… @KCCAUG


For example, why can’t @KCCAUG come to Kanjokya and Bukoto Streets to designate parking spaces and put low humps for speeding lunatics?


Hello Clog Tower. If only @KCCAUG would build behind the Hindi Temple so taxis go from Katwe direct to Taxi Park…


Hello Katwe. @KCCAUG if only you drive through here, every day like we do… You’d chap-chap remove


Hello I can see you from Sseguku @KCCAUG


Arstistic Impression of Nakivubo Waste Water Treatment plant @NWSCMD @Jadwong @NadaAndersen @niyimic @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@KCCAUG Thank you! How can we put pressure on them to clear that kaveera and let us enjoy the art? @KCCAED


@NadaAndersen the monument was sculptured by Ssekabaka Muteesa Foundation. We wrote to the Foundation to remove the polythene @KCCAED


@KCCAUG @KCCAED Kaveera was banned, kind of. Priz explain this or even better, unwrap. It’s been years.


Eh, too many TL convos, I’m forgetting to remind @KCCAUG to remove – guess where I’m aging in traffic again? Hello Katwe!


Morning @KCCAUG I’m stuck in traffic at Namasuba. working their magic, frustrating morning commuters. @KampalaTraffic


@raybesiga The answer, my friend, is in the way we are bringing up our children. The rest is indeed tough PR work. @KCCAUG @ugandaupf


@raybesiga For as long as all that’s ours is less important than all that’s individual… Selfishness is killing Uganda. @KCCAUG @ugandaupf


@raybesiga Theft. Catastrophe that @KCCAUG is not supported enough by @ugandaupf to find the thieves. Covers are sold as scrap metal.


@KCCAUG What is the story of this monument? Can we finally remove this ugly kaveera? How many years? @KampalaTraffic


Now we can sit at Clog Tower for the next fifteen minutes. @KCCAUG at least a coffee stand should be in place here… @KampalaTraffic


Good morning it’s a fact you block traffic all the way to Najjanankumbi but @KCCAUG loves it that way… Have a great Monday!


Finally someone woke up to talk about @KampalaTraffic maybe then @KCCAUG will remove 🙂


@KCCAUG this is NOT difficult: Katwe Road is ONE road that brings Entebbe Road traffic into Kampala. Remove ease traffic flow


Morning Katwe. I can see you clogging the traffic all the way to Zzana. Somebody tell @KCCAUG to remove so people can drive…


Creeping into Katwe. waiting to give me a kidney shake and altitude sickness. @KCCAUG remove these mountains!


@jamesmaiteki Now to remove and ease the traffic buildups @nwscug @basumann @KitamirikeAndy @KCCAUG @KCCAED @NWSCMD


Good morning Katwe. @KCCAUG @KCCAED traffic already clogged. Have a great day!


@KCCAUG Any issues with public transport this morning? Lot of people waiting along Entebbe Road.


Friday traffic buildup begins from Lweza. @KCCAUG @KCCAED remove and ease traffic flow at Kibuye Roundabout


@KCCAUG @KCCAED car by car, slowly over . I’m at Najjanankumbi, crawling into Kibuye Roundabout, car by car. Every day. Shame.


@othieno12 it’s Wakiso but you can’t say it’s not Kampala @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@KCCAUG can you please share a map so we can understand the location of the works? And please. @KCCAED


@JudeLumala Oh noooo! He’s also dodging Katwe Humps! @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@JudeLumala Yes, the picture was taken on that road @KCCAUG @KCCAED @DAlinangeUNRA @Jadwong


RT @NadaAndersen: Nateete Road. @KCCAUG @KCCAED please visit the area with UNRA team and feel the citizens’ pain


@rbusiinge I’m at the verge of tears each time I drive over Katwe Humps, no thank you to teargas! @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@DavisKawalya Kids are born with asthma because of dust and pollution. You are right. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED and we keep wondering why the sick toll keeps rising!


@GenEK_Kayihura But my friend! Where have you been? @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@Jadwong My dust! Our dust! No Humps For Tanks! @KCCAUG @KCCAED @DAlinangeUNRA


@Jadwong So they can now share their plans… January’s gone 😉 @mkaketo @KCCAUG @KCCAED @UNRA_UG


@kiwatule_w Nobody promised it was going to be easy – but – more can be done with citizen involvement @dfkm1970 @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@kiwatule_w Yes, then they come back to our unruly city and hold their heads, not knowing where to start… @dfkm1970 @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@Jadwong Eeeeh? It’s mine too! @KCCAUG @KCCAED @DAlinangeUNRA


@Jadwong Yes, Google maps calls it Nateete Road so it got stuck @KCCAUG @KCCAED @DAlinangeUNRA


@kiwatule_w This is what we need to share! Ideas, solutions. @dfkm1970 @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@KCCAED @KCCAUG Illegal garbage burning on Balintuma Road


@kiwatule_w And provide water slides and boats? Hmmmm….. No. They should take a look now. 🙂 @dfkm1970 @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@mkaketo I tweet about issues that can be fixed by @KCCAUG @KCCAED or where they can give guidance. However they are wrong on Katwe Humps


@KCCAED @KCCAUG now that I’m using panya roads since Katwe Humps are unbearable, expect more dusty photos of Kampala road catastrophes 🙂


@mkaketo The road that connects Nateete and Lweza @KCCAUG @KCCAED


Nateete Road. @KCCAUG @KCCAED please visit the area with UNRA team and feel the citizens’ pain


@KCCAED @KCCAUG Queens’ Way. Illegal burning of garbage. So we can enjoy being stuck in traffic even more!


@KCCAED @KCCAUG Do you ever plan to visit Katwe Humps to see the impact on traffic? Out of curiosity? To see how people suffer?


Solution to Katwe Humps: what if I go to Katwe every night and chisel them down… Clandestine operation… Not a bad idea 🙂 @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@KCCAED @NadaAndersen @KCCAUG There use tobe lots of accidents in that area. There’s need to for a city railway network for public transport


@Ougasam Used to be – past tense. Speed is now less than 5kmph from Namasuba to Clog Tower. Those humps are too huge. @KCCAED @KCCAUG


Hello Katwe. Wrong parking, double parking, Katwe Humps. @KCCAED @KCCAUG DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!


@sebsronnie Yes, how to justify military grade humps on <5kmph roads in the City. @beewol @LucyMbabazi @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@sebsronnie My Figaro lost shocks and exhaust on those, yet I drive so carefully… Cost in millions. @beewol @LucyMbabazi @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@LucyMbabazi Entebbe Road needs police to literally arrest reckless drivers. And a large jail to be built nearby. @beewol @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@LucyMbabazi Put some lines on the roads? @beewol @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@dividattani @KCCAED @KCCAUG @NadaAndersen The humps are imp if you expect people to speed up often there. But, humps where snail speed??


@wandivn And it is almost obvious that our railroad through Kampala can have two lanes of Tarmac all the way… @Jadwong @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@wandivn I just want Katwe Humps reduced to ease the traffic flow into the City 🙂 rail should start any time @Jadwong @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@Jadwong That road is in appalling state, the Kajjansi-FC Express-Kobil-Old Kampala. Washed away and too busy some places. @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@KCCAED City is paralyzed daily from Najjanankumbi to Clog Tower by unreasonably huge Katwe Humps. This is our life. Do something. @KCCAUG


@KCCAED Public safety is priority but the speed on that road is up to 5kmph. Your engineers obviously don’t drive there. @KCCAUG


@KCCAED Katwe Humps are unnecessarily huge and your engineers should know that. They paralyze traffic up to Najjanankumbi. @KCCAUG



@balfm Oh they will, they will… Persistence will move those Katwe Humps… @KCCAUG


@ImanJabry Driving through residential areas, hiding from @KCCAED @KCCAUG @ugandaupf


Animal torture, Kololo. @KCCAED @KCCAUG @ugandaupf


@KCCAUG @KCCAED now that we know what humps are supposed to be like, can you please ? There are no tanks on our roads…


@sebsronnie Exactly. @KCCAUG


Wow! Our friends at @KCCAUG actually know how to do correctly! Why aren’t these THE standard? @NadaAndersen


@skaheru And – San we get a couple of speed humps on Kanjokya Street? Plus a ‘no parking’ zone on the street throughout? @KCCAUG @KCCAED


@KCCAUG let them ensure they use soil stabilizer at our place. Or else we’ll have an open trench soon enough. @skaheru @KCCAED


@KCCAUG But those humps in Katwe PLEASE! @nwscug @jamesmaiteki @kiapi40KFreddie @KCCAED @NWSCMD


@KCCAUG @KCCAED What will it take to paint some lines on our roads, for basic traffic guidance?


Katwe. These humps. @KCCAUG @KCCAED


It’s been 41 minutes and I have conquered the Humps for Tanks in Katwe. Now to win a war with Clog Tower traffic police. @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@twesiime I hope you are wrong because I believe in @KCCAUG. I hope they give a full response soonest. @bobbyspliff @KCCAED @Lizabwooli


@rwandeme: @bnamutebi @qataharraymond @KCCAUG @masakeonline Lets clean the city of garbage not its people.”


@twesiime This is a tragedy that has to be corrected somehow. @KCCAED @KCCAUG @bobbyspliff @Lizabwooli


@bnamutebi Perhaps citizens to begin caring about Kampala City? For starters? @KCCAUG @qataharraymond @pkahill


But this, @KCCAUG , is just unacceptable.


Without the billboards… Kampala City breathes fresh air! Sankyu again and again @KCCAED @KCCAUG


@NadaAndersen @KCCAUG @KCCAED haha am also still with you on thr


@KCCAUG @KCCAED I’m not forgetting my request. Even though I’m busy with and