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Good divorce is better than a lousy marriage

by on Apr.28, 2017, under Observations

Don’t jump up (those of you who care). I’m not going through a divorce, far away from it. This is just a statement coming from my observation of numerous relationships around me.

We meet a person we like, be it personal relationship, friendship, business relationship or any other kind of human interaction and we build. At the start, everyone’s in their Sunday best and with brushed teeth all the time. Everyone goes to the toilet when the other is asleep.

Relationships go bad. People usually don’t know how to deal with this. They enter stand-offs, there comes silence, avoiding to look at each other, counting minutes and hoping they pass quickly, as if time can heal the unhealthy situation.

Time makes it worse. Waiting for the other side to wake up and see their mistakes, as they also wait for you to wake up and see your mistakes, nobody making the first step, nobody willing to communicate first… and the awkwardness when you offer a few kind words and the other party looks through you as if your joint problem does not exist.

This is why I believe it’s better to identify the problem on time, speak about it and divorce over it. Let that point of contention be in the past so the two individuals can move from that dead point in their lives. Being stuck in one place never grew anyone.

The only thing that can save people from ending up in divorces (be it divorce of marriage, divorce of friendship or divorce of a working relationship) is good, open and honest communication. It also helps if you have entered your relationship wholeheartedly and with no hidden agenda. Then you can make it last and thrive. But one it goes bad and becomes one-way, don’t cling on. free everyone.


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